Will these fish be friends or enemies??

Всякая всячина попадающая в аквариум из вне, угрожающая рыбам и портящая внешний вид аквариума

Will these fish be friends or enemies??

Сообщение MichaelMorin » 06 апр 2018 14:37


I am curious to know what you guys would think of these fish in the same tank.
1 male flame dwarf gourami
2 bumble bee gobys (I love them too much so I don't want to take them back to the shop even though they are a brackish water fish)
3 albino cory cats (relatively small at the moment)
2 otos
x zebra danios
I'm not sure on how many danios I should get and whether these fish will work in my 34L tank

Please help

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