Starting a tank build -- have some noob questions

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Starting a tank build -- have some noob questions

Сообщение MichaelMorin » 14 мар 2018 09:12

Hi everyone,

I am starting a tank build, need somebody to point me in right direction on some of the doubts I've got.
The display tank is going to be 5'6"x2'6"x1'6"
The glass arrived a year back.
The SS table arrived a almost two years back, timber reinforcement completed over six months back.
Finished the paint job today. Tomorrow i'll probably finish the top.
Sump size is going to be 36"x18"x18", the glass will be delivered on Monday.
The issue that is haunting me at the moment is the sump design and media. and sure , I am looking for a balance of least complication and maximum efficiency.Any advise will be appreciated.

Please help

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