Cockerel Fish Aquarium (Betta splendens)


Choosing an aquarium for a cockerel is perhaps the easiest task. Since the cocks are very unpretentious, and the presence of a labyrinth organ allows you to simply go to the pet store and poke your finger in any vessel you like that can be filled with water. So some aquarists successfully kept cockerels in liter jars covered with cloth, but you and I ourselves understand that a person can also exist in the elevator booth. But which of us will want to experience this?. Therefore, it is necessary to approach this issue with such calculations that no matter what your fish exists, but enjoys life. If you are going to keep 1 cockerel then it will be quite comfortable for him in an aquarium with a volume of 5 liters. It can be an all-glass aquarium in the form of a large cognac glass, which fits well into the interior of the office and apartment and does not require the preparation of a special place, the main thing is that the aquarium stands on a non-wobbly base. It can also be a small rectangular aquarium. An aquarium with cockerels must be equipped with a lid (aquariums "glasses" can simply not be added to the edge by 7-10 cm) so that on one wonderful day you do not find your fish on the floor. But the fish will not be offended if you buy her a larger aquarium, especially if you want to purchase a company for cockerels. When choosing a company, immediately exclude large predatory fish, barbs (especially Sumatran barbus), which very willingly share their long tails and fins, are also excluded. But the cockerel will not be a good neighbor for veil and sedentary fish - veil tailings, telescopes, as well as veil males guppy.

It is recommended to keep cockerels with small mobile fish - neons, cardinals. You should not also buy your cockerel "brother." Now many are trying to put into the aquarium any beautiful trinkets that are now dominated by pet stores in excess. When buying motley and bright objects, they do not think that all these bright objects, firstly, can simply hide the beauty of your fish, secondly, they can simply be unsafe, have sharp edges and protrusions about which the fish can be injured. Therefore, exclude objects with sharp edges and protrusions from the aquarium with cockles.
Also, do not cover the surface of the aquarium with floating plants (duckweed), or fence off the window for cockles to capture air.