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Betta Splendens (cockerel fish or fighting fish, Siamese cockerel)

cockerel fish or fighting fish (Siamese cockerel), as they used to call it in Russian for its disposition - one of the most beautiful aquarium fish that are kept in freshwater aquariums. It is this aquarium fish that the site is dedicated to. Here you will find all the information you are interested in about cockerel fish. For beginners, all the moments of keeping cockerels and preparing an aquarium are described in an accessible language, for more experienced aquarists - information on raising cockerels, and for pros - the secrets of genetics and breeding, the exchange of producers, as well as the opportunity to sell fish of their own breeding in good, caring hands. Each participant can talk about their cockerel fish in a personal blog, ask a question about the cockerel fish on the forum and get a quick answer. If your cockerel is sick, the forum will help you, make a diagnosis and recommend treatment. The site contains descriptions of diseases of aquarium fish, which are most susceptible to cockfish. There is also a list of necessary drugs for the treatment of aquarium fish in a freshwater aquarium. In our album and on the pages of the site are collected photos of the most beautiful copies of cockerels. From the compatibility table, it is possible to determine which fish can be contained in the same aquarium together with the cockerel Betta Splendens. You can also familiarize yourself with how to refine the aquarium with partitions to contain several cockerels in one aquarium. Which aquarium plants are most suitable for a cockerel aquarium. How to properly care for the aquarium and much more.


Synonyms: fighting fish, Siamese cockerel

Squad: Perch-like - Perciformes

Suborder: Anabantoidei

Family: Osphronemidae

Subfamily: Macropodusinae

Genus: Betta

View: Cockerel - Betta Splendens (Regan, 1909)

The habitat of Betta Splendens is the mainland of Southeast Asia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and part of Vietnam. They live in standing waters - ditches, temporary reservoirs, rice fields.

Keeping cockerel fish in the aquarium does not require great skills and knowledge in aquarium science, the fish will be suitable for a novice aquarist. Contain cockerels in small aquariums, it is desirable to have an aquarium of 3 liters. The presence of a filter in the aquarium is welcome.

Optimum temperature of 25-28 degrees, dGH 5-15 °, pH 6-8

You can and should feed cockerels with a variety of feeds: live - moth, tube, daphnia, cyclops, as well as ice cream and dry.

Cockerel life expectancy - 3 years