науплии артемии

nauplia artemia

Artemia is a gill-legged crustacean living in salt water. Nauplia artemis is one of the most common live feed for fry. It is quite easy to get nauplium artemia at home. You need to buy artemia eggs in a pet store.

You can store artemia eggs in the refrigerator in sealed packaging for several years. You can grow nauplium artemia in a liter jar of water , add 1 tablespoon of salt to it (sometimes you add half a hydroperite tablet) or in a special incubator for growing artemia, which you can make yourself in 15 minutes, as well as purchase a ready-made incubator in a pet store.


artemia eggs

A teaspoon 1 artemia eggs is added to the prepared water and strong aeration is brought to the can (artemia eggs must be constantly mixed). The nauplia are ejected for the next day.

Arterial nauplium is taken with thin hose, cut through dense tissue and introduced into aquarium with fry. Aplia artemia quickly die in fresh water, so the number of crustaceans must be selected in such a way that they are seated as much as possible by fry. The dead auplia of artemia sink to the bottom and deteriorate. To avoid a large accumulation of dead nauplia at the bottom, several mollusks are allowed into the aquarium - for example, ampularies.

artemia, яйца артемии

artemia eggs