Feeding cockerels

The main thing in feeding cockerels is the variety of feed and its nutritional value. Cocks are not whimsical to the feed, but they prefer live feed. The diet of cockerels can include both dry and freshly frozen feed. Cocks are prone to overeating, the main mistake of beginners is feeding "on slaughter," this is categorically impossible to do. So for the normal, healthy development of an adult cockerel, one, two one-time nutrition is needed. The daily norm is a cockerel: 2-3 "worms" of a moth or 5-6 "worms" of a tubular or 1 plate of dry feed (about 1x1 cm) and so on.

Of the live feeds, the most common and readily available are:

Moth (mosquito larva  ) (more on feeding aquarium fish with moth)
Feeding fry cockerel: 

Artemia (incubator for growing artemia)

Egg yolk