Feeding fry cockerel infusory. (feeding of sparkling fish fry)

Paramecium caudatum, инфузория

Many manage to wait for cockerel spawning, but not many manage to feed and raise cockerel fish. The main task is to feed the fry. It is time to feed the cockerel when they begin to swim, and this is about the third day of their life. You can feed the fry cockerel with boiled egg yolks or infusories. Feeding fry cockerel infusory, allows you to grow strong and healthy offspring. The infusory is not only a nutritional fodder for the cockerel fry and is easily swallowed by the fry, although the infusory-shoe is a fairly large microorganism whose size varies from 0.1 to 0.3 mm, but since the infusories are quite mobile (the infusory speed is 2.5 mm/s) in pursuit of the fodder develop the cockerel fry physically.

If you never bred an infusory, and you have no idea how to breed it at all, then you "dug" a lot of information and I am sure that everywhere the description of the breeding of infusories began with the words - "We take the culture of infusory shoes" - and where to take the culture of infusory, and even more so how to get a pure culture of infusory almost nowhere. Infusoria-shoe is found in all reservoirs, puddles, etc., and therefore it is in your aquarium. It is only worth running out of water near aquarium plants and you can be sure that there will be infusories. But in addition to infusories, there will be many other undesirable microorganisms. To obtain a pure culture of infusory, there are several ways, the simplest is perhaps the next. We take water with an infusory culture, drip it onto clean glass, using a pipette we add a little milk to the water drop, next to 1 cm away we make a drop of clean water, then shade a drop of water containing an infusory culture. With the help of a toothpick or other thin object, we conduct a "tunnel" from a clean drop to a drop of water containing a culture of infusory. Infusoria will very quickly pass into pure water, if armed with magnifying glass, then the migration of infusoria through the tunnel into pure water will be visible. Since the speed of the infusory is very high, it is the first to reach a drop with clean water.


Purified infusory culture is added to fresh water in a 3 liter jar, and preferably a straight glass flask. Many things can be used as fodder for infusory: milk, banana peel, carrot pieces, hay, etc. Recently, it is popular to use banana peel and milk for growing infusories. But infusories do not feed on the peel or milk itself, but on bacteria that develop on them. So, to grow infusories, a piece of banana peel is added to a jar of clean water at a rate of 2 * 2cm per one and a half liters of water and 4-5 drops of milk. Infusories develop very rapidly at a temperature of 22-26 degrees. Infusories are collected with a small cloud in the water column from where they can be removed with a pipette or syringe. You can put a thin layer of cotton wool or a foam plate on the entire surface area of ​ ​ the water, and pour fresh water on top, pour water best along the blade of the knife. After a few minutes, the infusories will pass through the layer of cotton wool to clean water, from where it is collected with a pipette or syringe and introduced into the aquarium with fry cockerels or other sparkling fish. Using this method, you maximally prevent foreign bacteria from entering the aquarium with fry (for example, lactic acid bacteria that feed on infusories), you can also keep the taken infusory culture in fresh water so that infusories eat the remaining bacteria.