Makeshift incubator in 15 minutes to grow arthemia nauplia

Every aquarist, sooner or later, will want to raise the fry from his beloved fish. And as we all know, the best starting food is Nauptilia Artemia. So how do you get her out? What is it?

I use a simple, quite convenient and practical incubator. The cost of all parts for manufacture does not exceed 100p. It is done in a home environment (in front of the TV) for a maximum of half an hour.

So, what do we need?

1. Bottle from under water 5-6l (you can slightly less, but not convenient)
2. Mayonnaise jar
3. Two sprayers (one may not be working)
4. Two hoses, for compressor
5. valve or check valve
6. Tape and glue (super moment)

General view of Incubator

We have a can of water, cut off the bottom. In the plug, we make two holes of 4 mm, into which we insert a sprayer from the inside (we pre-apply glue to the joint), and on the outside we insert a tail from the end (we take the old sprayer and cut the stone with sausages. a neat adapter) of the sprayer is obtained.


Then we take a jar of mayonnaise. Also, we are finalizing it a little. A slot is made on the side for the exit of two hoses. Same way. practice has shown that it is very convenient when she has a hole cut in the bottom (sometimes you need to change the hoses)

Next step. We put hoses on the shanks, sprayers and tubes

We put a can of water on mayonnaise and tighten them together with isolate.

Изображение Изображение

On the tail of the hose coming from the tip, put on a tap or check valve. This hose serves to test the finished product. Well, the second hose is connected to the compressor.

All your Incubator is ready. We charge it and use it.

When you turn off the compressor, the living artemia settles to the bottom for 5 minutes.., and the shells (parachutes) and non-hatched eggs float up. Therefore, since the fence goes from below, pure artemia is repaired 99%.