A tube maker. Live food for aquarium fish

trubochnik Tubificidae - thin ringworms of red color 1-5 cm long. Suitable for feeding all species of fish. It is recommended to give aquarium fish, a tube, with the help of special feeders with nets fixed at the surface of the water, since the tube very quickly drops to the bottom and burns into the ground. It is necessary to feed the fish with tubing with great care, since the tubing lives in contaminated reservoirs and in the place with the tubing you can bring various pathogenic bacteria into the aquarium. Before giving the tube to the fish, it is thoroughly washed and kept in flowing water until the worm's "stomach" is completely cleaned (the tube on a light surface is well visible and it is easy to notice the presence of "dirt" inside it). The tube should be stored in a cold place in a tank with a low water level. During storage, the tubular is knocked into one continuous moving tangle. The water in the tube storage tank should always be fresh (some aquarists make special vessels for storing the tube with a weak water flow), in fresh water and a cool place the tube can live for more than a month. It is categorically unacceptable to feed spoiled worms to fish.