Feeding fry cockerel with egg yolk

1 option: Feed fry cockerel in the early stages can be boiled egg yolk. A piece of egg yolk is smeared in a small glass and a little water is added (aquarium water can be used). The yolk is thoroughly mixed so that no pieces are left until a "cloudy" liquid mass is obtained. Yolk is introduced into the aquarium with butterflies by means of a pipette or syringe. Do not allow excessive application of yolk to the aquarium, since the egg yolk not eaten quickly deteriorates and will become a substrate for the development of the fungus. The cockerel needs to be fed at least 4 times a day, it is better to add as little egg yolk as possible, that is, the amount that fry are able to eat before the yolk suspension settles to the bottom.

2 option: Cook an egg, get a yolk, think. You add to the glass, pour water, loosen as soon as the cycle ends, carefully drain the smoke. And so two three times. The remainder, which remains at the bottom of the glass, is ready for use. Give a little bit. So that everyone eats at once, because the remains can quickly fade.

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