Coloring of roosters

Cocks are very beautiful and surprisingly diverse fish. They differ greatly from each other in appearance (posters, crowns, chalves, etc.) in color type (Cambodia, butterflies, masks, dragons, etc.), and I'm generally silent about colors, although the International Congress Betta Splenden officially recognizes only 24 colors - the rest are considered out of competition.
So let's start with the type of colors.
This is not the most common, but one of the most expensive types of fish coloring, and if it also belongs to the rare type (Semi-Sunflower), then it makes this fish extremely tempting for acquisition by breeders and lovers. Mostly found red, green, blue, silver, white and black. Less common are violet, salad, orange, blue.


Cambodian or Bi-Coloured
Two, colored or Cambodian cockles are a color distributed, as a rule, in two versions:
a) a pale colored body and stained fins and tail brightly contrasting with it;
b) pale colored fins and tail and a brightly colored body, mainly with one dominant color.


Butterfly (butterfly)
This type of color is characterized by a rather intense color of the body of the fish, passing to the base of the fins and tail and ending sharply on them, the remaining surface of the fins and tail remains unpainted (transparent) or painted white. Colors should be clearly delimited and not mixed.

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This color is characterized by the presence of a gene in fish that gives them the appearance of cheese with green mold and resembles inlays of a light or dark color over the main dominant color. At the same time, if you cross cockerels of stable hard color and marble, the offspring will most likely carry the "marble" gene. The traditional marble is considered "black on white." Dark areas should have clear outlines, and the color should be bright.

Marble Marble2 Marble3

Piebald (Pegius)
The pegium color is characterized by a pale colored head and, on the contrary, an intensely colored body, fins and tail, while deviations in color close to the butterfly or marble are allowed.


The color of the mask is characterized by a deep and more intense color of the head of the fish compared to the rest of the body. Basically, this color is found in cockerels painted in copper, turquoise, but also in some others.

Dragon (Dragon)
A relatively new type of color, but quickly won over its fans. It is characterized by a fairly intense basic color, which tends to be carac or its hue. There are silver and copper dragons. Examples are shown in the photo below.

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Multicolor is called cockerel colors, consisting of three or more colors and do not fit into other types of colors previously given.

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