Antipar is a complex preparation containing antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic components. ANTIPAR is highly effective against the most common external diseases of aquarium fish. When treating fish in the aquarium, ANTIPAR does not have a detrimental effect on plants, mollusks and amphibians. ANTIPAR is intended for treatment of freshwater and marine fish. The drug is used in the presence of the following symptoms: increased mucosa, the formation of pale or bloody spots on the skin, swallowing air from the surface of the water, increased movement of gill covers, which is characteristic of protozoan invasions (ichthyophthyriosis, cryptocarinosis, trichodinosis, etc.). ANTIPAR is prescribed when formations resembling white, dirty gray or brownish pieces of cotton are found on the surface of fish - symptoms caused by parasitic fungi. Before using the drug, test the quality of the water. If necessary, return it to normal. For prophylactic purpose short-term baths are carried out once at exposure of 3 hours and concentration of 1 ml of preparation per 10 l of water. For therapeutic purposes, short-term baths are carried out twice a day later with the same exposure and concentration and long-term baths with an exposure of 3-8 days (depending on the type and severity of the disease) and a concentration of 1 ml of the drug per 50 liters of water until the clinical signs of the disease disappear. Long-term baths are used to treat highly drug-sensitive and transplant species of fish and juveniles. Before treating fish in short-term baths, 2 -3 fish with marked clinical signs of disease are caught from a dysfunctional aquarium (pool) and placed in a therapeutic solution for observation for 15 minutes. If fish show signs of anxiety (sharp unusual movements), all fish are treated by the method of long-term baths. During short-term baths, fish are caught from an aquarium (pool) and placed in a glass vessel with a therapeutic solution. At the end of the exposition, fish are caught and released into the aquarium. The preparation is introduced into aquariums or decorative pools, turning off lighting devices and ensuring good aeration of water. Filters are not used in the process of treating fish. The temperature regime in the aquarium should be maintained at 24-26 ° C and pH 5.5-6.8. The working solution is used throughout the course of treatment, adding every 4-5 days ½ therapeutic dose of the drug. The therapeutic solution is deactivated by passing through a charcoal filter. Aquatic vegetation and soil are not removed from the aquarium during treatment. For aquariums with sick fish, separate fish-breeding equipment is allocated (sauces, sprayers, feeders, gardens, scrapers, thermometers, etc.). At the end of the course of treatment, the equipment is disinfected by rinsing with boiling water.