Bicillin-5 is an antibiotic, white powder is poorly soluble, in water it is in the form of suspended particles. When treating fish in a general aquarium, the drug is added overnight, as it decomposes in daylight. If the treatment is carried out during the day, then the aquarium must be shaded for 2 hours. It is this time that the drug is most effective. Bicillin-5 is used at a rate of 500,000 units per 100 liters. water. To add to the aquarium, the preparation is dissolved in a glass or jar, the water temperature should be 28-29 degrees, the preparation is thoroughly mixed and immediately added to the aquarium, for better distribution of the medicine, it is recommended to include aeration as much as possible. The course of treatment is 6 days. Also, treatment can be carried out in short baths. In this case, the preparation is prepared at a rate of 1,500,000 units per 10 liters of water. Daily for 6 days, the fish is lowered to swim in a fresh solution of Bicillin-5 for 30 minutes, the temperature of the solution should be 24-26 degrees. The drug is low toxic, does not accumulate in the body of fish. Treatment is not recommended at lower doses. The drug does not have a bad effect on fish and its use is possible even in the treatment of 2 month old fish. The drug can poorly affect the growth of aquarium plants, and in some species of plants, dropping (cryptocorns) or deformation of leaves occurs. Effective against oodiniumosis (oodiniosis, velvet disease), ichthyophthyriosis (manka), trichodinosis, costiosis, chylodonellosis, dactylogyrosis, hyrodactylosis, fin rot. It does not cure mycobacteriosis (tuberculosis), ichthyosporidiosis and ulcer disease, although it contributes to wound healing.
Note: to measure the desired dosage of the drug, the contents of the bottle are poured onto a sheet of paper, then folded, distributing the drug into a "track," then the drug is divided into the necessary equal parts. So a bottle of 1,500,000 units for the treatment of fish in a total aquarium of 50 liters is divided into 6 parts, which corresponds to the full course of treatment.